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Other writings by Russ Meyer


JUST A TIC    short film available on Amazon Prime                                           Genre: Spoof Comedy

Directed by Gary Berosik. Starring: Charles Hubbell as Ron Bloom, Jennifer Kuznetcova as Fontaine, Russell Delbert Johnson as Supervisor, Barbara Berosik as Radio Weather Announcer, and Russ Meyer as Co-worker.

Logline: A wind generator mechanic believes that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’, the windmills are working like brakes, and the earth will come to a complete stop; these are the last minutes according to him.

Script: Finalist – Minnesota Screenwriters Workshop Script To Screen Short Screenplay Contest, and Bare Bones Film Festival. Bronze Award – International Independent Film Awards.

Film: Nominated for Best Lead Actor in a short film, and won a Script To Screen Award at the Barebones Film Festival. Runner-Up for Best Comedy Scene – Action On Film. 4th place Micro Comedy at The Indie Gathering. Narrative Short Bronze Award in the International Independent Film Awards. Accepted into Eyecatcher Film Festival, The Barebones Film Festival, and the Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival. Official Selection – Loudon International Film Extrafaganza (LIFE Fest), Muscatine Independent Film Festival, and L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival. Artists Circle at NOVA.





PAPER TRAIL              feature script available for filming                                   Genre: Mystery Thriller

Logline: When a young Army MP becomes a private investigator after he inherits his Grandfather’s storefront in a small town in the mountains of Colorado; his first case reveals a town full of secrets, including one that destroyed his family years before, and a new one he must forever keep from his fiancé.

 Top thriller script and best in show screenplay – Trindiefest. 3rd place – Divebomber Radio Screenwriting Contest. Top 9 finalist – Bare Bones Film Festival. Finalist – Screenplay Search Screenwriting Competition, Eyecatcher Film Festival, IFIPG Contest, and Three Lines Or Less Screenwriting Contest.



THE ORGANIC SVENGALI       feature script available for filming                       Genre: Mystery Thriller

Logline: A young woman haunted by lost memories falls in love with a mysterious, scientific-minded music professor, whose secret experiments help her recall her devastating past – but also start stealing memories of the present.

Winner – Best Low Budget Screenplay Award in Toronto’s Female Eye Screenplay Contest. Winner of an Actor’s Choice Award at The Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe. Finalist – WSF/CSW Contest. Fifth Runner-Up – Three Lines Or Less Screenwriting Contest.



THE FAT LADY SINGS          feature script available for filming                Genre: Dark Comedy Thriller

Logline: When a small time private investigator gets a chance at the big time taking on a prominent politician’s wife’s case; neither realizes they are in way over their heads, the political party has been shadowing her, and will do anything to protect her husband, a presumed future presidential candidate.

Winner – an Actor’s Choice Award at The Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe, and The Page One Screenwriting Competition. Fifth Runner-Up – Three Lines Or Less Screenwriting Contest. Top ten – Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum Contest.



THE TORTOISE AND THE HEIR           feature script available for filming           Genre: Noir Light Action

Logline: When hired to find heirs to a large will, a lone wolf San Francisco private investigator finds the heirs are being killed by the same assassin that murdered his girlfriend years before, and must decide whether to save the remaining heir, or abandon him to hunt down the assassin.

 Winner – best action script award in the Chicago Screenwriters Network Screenwriting Contest. 2nd Runner Up – Three Lines Or Less Screenwriting Contest. Finalist – Reno Tahoe International Film Fest.



SETTLING THE BOOKS       feature script available for filming         Genre: Contained Suspense Thriller

Logline: Lured by the reading of a billionaire rare book dealer’s will, an investigator and four other heirs are sealed in an airtight panic room, and with only four hours air, must solve the centuries-old mystery contained in the book ‘The Castilian Cypher’ in order to escape.

Winner – Bare Bones Film Festival. 1st runner up – Three Lines Or Less Screenwriting Contest. 3rd Place – The Indie Gathering Suspense-Thriller. 5th Place Finalist – Minnesota Screenwriters Workshop. Finalist – Contest of Contest Winners, Trindiefest, Eyecatcher Film Festival, and Screenplay Search Screenwriting Competition.



A LITTLE FAVOR           feature script available for filming                                 Genre: Sci – Fi Thriller

Logline: A washed-out fighter pilot, now a fast draw gunfighter for a wild west show, is asked to do a little favor: use his quick reflexes to fly to the sun, reach in and pluck out the two off course, discarded doomsday bombs before seven next Wednesday evening when they’ll explode, nudging the sun, causing major global warming.

Second Place – Indie Gathering Script Writing Contest. Third Place – Trindiefest. Finalist – Bare Bones Film Festival, Screenplay Search Screenwriting Competition, and Hollywood Screenplay Contest.



M.G. (THE PIPER)        feature script available for filming                        Genre: Dark Comedy Thriller

Logline: A financially desperate lawyer gambles his future when he reteams with a former college prankster to pull one more grand prank, hiring a private investigator to find an entirely fictional girlfriend. It’s all fun and games, until the P.I. finds her.

Grand Prize Winner Three Lines Or Less Contest. Third place – Indie Gathering Drama-Comedy.


ESCALATOR!               feature script available for filming                                   Genre: Spoof Comedy

Logline: A spoof of disaster movies done in the vein of Airplane finds a fire chief must rescue a hundred people trapped on the Castle Mall’s four story express ESCALATOR!

Finalist – Contest Of Contest Winners. Finalist for Best Comedy and Best Dialogue Feature Script – Action On Film.



IT’S A POPCORN WORLD        feature script available for filming                                   Genre: Comedy

Logline: When an overzealous government man tries to steal an inventor’s home using eminent domain, the inventor decides to provide alternative land by expanding the world like a kernel of popcorn, if his dance-clubbing hunchback lawyer can keep the inventor out of jail to accomplish his task.

Finalist for Comedy Script – Action On Film Film Festival, and Three Lines Or Less Screenwriting Contest.



AGENT H 2 O     feature script available for filming                     Genre: Comedy in the Matt Helm vein

Logline: When the M.U.F.F.I.N.S. organization schemes to take over the world by undercutting food prices to the point that all that’s left is their monopolized muffins, it is up to America’s super spy Ben Idel, code name H 2 O, expert of the obscure, such as tiddly-winks, to single-handedly save us on a reduced budget.

Finalist – Three Lines Or Less Contest.



‘583’   short script available for filming                Genre: Spoof done in 1950’s instructional film style

Logline: A couple fight to save their home after violating local ordinance 583 ‘Lawns must be mowed every 2 weeks’, even when buried under snow in December.

Winner – Action On Film Comedy, and Scriptsation Screenwritng Competition short division. Finalist – Boston Motion Picture Awards Spoof-writing Competition, Eyecatcher Film Festival, and 555SHORT Screenplay Contest.



EVERY WEEK              short script available for filming                               Genre: Fantasy Comedy

Logline: What happens when the vacuum cleaner quits; dust grows, developing limbs, speech, manners; and so Julie battles to save her sanity, and her home from a pair of six foot fuzz balls.

Won Best Comedy Short Script and nominated for Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Script – Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival. Finalist for Best Comedy, Best Sci Fi Fantasy Short, and Best Dialogue Short at The Action On Film Film Festival. Finalist – Table Read My Screenplay Contest, and Genreblast Film Festival. Top 12 Finalist – The Bare Bones Film Festival.