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Russ Meyer trained for screenwriting with Dan Decker, Durrell Royce Crays, and Steve Larson. He has been nominated for the Arthur Rosenfeld Award For Excellence In Dramatic Writing. Named one of the “Top 100 Indie Writers” in Del Weston’s book of the same name.

The holiday comedy short film that Russ wrote, “All Choked Up”, premiered at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, MN. His award-winning comedic cautionary tale short film, “Just A Tic”, is showing at film festivals. Co-wrote a true story pod cast series, DECEIVED, to debut on the I-Tunes.

He is a member of the Minnesota Screenwriters Workshop, IFP, and Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum. He specializes in thrillers and absurd comedies. His scripts have received accolades from the Nicholls, Austin, Script Pipeline, Contest of Contest Winners, and many other screenplay contests. His screenplays have won thirteen screenplay contests.

A fan of the classic film noir detectives, he has written several present day P.I. stories. THE FAT LADY SINGS is the first in print. What’s next for Russ? “Jenna’s Gone”, his southwestern thriller, is in development as an independent production. His sci-fi thriller, “A Little Favor”, is becoming a graphic novel. After that…